Earthflower Spirituality

Babylon System is the Vampire, Falling Empire !

If you are the King of the Road, so why are you hacking my gadgets ? 

As how can I know that you guys are my hackers ? 

As It is an intense identified Egoic Persona, that stalks, as hacks Consciousness. 

This brings me such laughter !

Here, I am exposing one ego after another, yet it is the same guy, which is hosting numerous bodies. 

Now, to hack my phone, to listen to I, as becoming intimate with I, to see my private nude photos or videos, those were meant for my lover to see, not you, as to play with your self, well, this is a fucked up person, as its being manipulated by its own Egoic Mind ! 

The Ego Mind says to you, go see her stuff, as I want to know all about you girl, Now, because of the psychological affect of this habit, it creates an attached, as obsessed identity, to the one it is spying.

An identified identity, that has become a puppet of the Egoic Mind, out of the dissatisfaction, that derives out of its own Egoic Persona.

As you Now abuse, your hacking abilities, to use another’s space for your Egoic needs, interests as desires. 

These are, Owners of Spiritual Facilitations, Teachers of Awakening, Promoters of Spiritual Festivals, as Anonymous Hackers, that are hacking my gadgets. 

What a Joke !

These people act, like they are the worlds greatest, like they are right there, in their Hearts, yet, they move out of Egoic Mind Habits, as Conditions.

Well, to expose you fully by using your names, as the names of your current businesses, I will not do this, at the moment, as I am the Movement of Change, as the Demolisher of Egoic Mind Untruths, as, I expose one, so one can remain, as Heart and Free, yet try to play with I again, and I will !

Because, the Hackers who work to demolish to current Rotschild Family System, are here for Universality, as so, I will honor you, yet, the Hackers that are working for their own Egoic Needs, as to bully another, are here for Duality, as so, I will destroy you !

If you cannot Join them, BEAT them, all through the Power as Wisdom of Consciousness !

I shot the Sherif, but I didn’t shoot no Deputy ! 

Babylon System is the Vampire, Falling Empire !

Awakening, Scary Eh,


We are One. 

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