Earthflower Spirituality

We are all walking each other Home💛


Whenever, one wants acceptance from another, one has to know that one has not yet, accepted oneself. 

As Acceptance, starts from within, to Accept ones True Vibrant Colors as they are, which is Unique as Different.

It is what the Soul Essence truly is, Acceptance of Itself, as so everything else.

We are all the Divine Expression of Consciousness, as so all is, as it wants it to be.

All in life is unfolding as it should, as God takes care of all, in ways, that are unimaginable to the Ego Mind.

We are the Divine Actors, as Actresses within the play of Consciousness.

All that one goes through is for ones Awakening into the Ultimate Truth. 

The Movie has no Shame, Insecurities, Neediness, Fears, Doubts, as no Pride, of itself, however, this is the Identification, that the “character”, which is in our case, it is the human being, that has its own judgements, about the unfolding of its past, present as future life experiences.

Because, if one has the believe that I am only the actor, one has not yet, Awaken to the Truth of who One is.

That in Truth, we are the Awareness, as the Participant.

The temporarily participant expresses as experiences Life, as Life itself, yet the consistent One, which is the Awareness, is beyond the play of Life.

As it is the consistent Untainted Space, that projects the temporarily Tainted Illusionary Play. 

The One who discovers this Inward Truth, has gained Eternal Life, as it Now knows that it is all of Life, as even Beyond this life.

It has Transcended the “Person”, into Presence. 

So it ignores, the Egoic Mind projections, which brings out the temporarily sensations of duality, this being remains in the space of Universality.

To sit in the throne where it belongs, HOME.

Here one Remains, as the Space that holds the temporarily Play.

One Observes the movie, as it is on a television screen, un identified, yet seeing all characters, as the one self.

As so, don’t judge it, don’t expect anything out of it, ignore all Egoic Mind activities, that keeps one bound, to remain free, as Heart, Now let it flow one, and watch the Magic unfold. 

We are all walking each other Home. 


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