Earthflower Spirituality

The Practice of Earthflower Flow🌿

Earthflower Flow, is the Dance of the Medicine Woman, that I created, spontaneously in March 2016,  as the Art of Consciousness, itself.

This is the Flow of the Divine Feminine Energy, that is expressed through this form of Dance.

As this being, is flowing within and as the Essence of Grace, as it also Praises the Most High.

The Purity of its Divinity will be expressed through its own Inner Silence, as its Spirit is moving its body within Infinite ways.

It is the Self Expressionist Art of Consciousness.

Earthflower Flow, can be expressed within a seated position or by using ones entire form, also the Music that is chosen, is always High Vibrational.

I take the practitioner, into a journey of Self Expression, as one is fully centered, and flowing as Heart, as so, one moves, passionately, sensually as seductively, pulsating with the tunes that contains the High Vibrational Sounds of Freedom, Love, Peace as Oneness.

Within this Flow, the practitioner is using its hips, torso, and or feet, as it moves its upper body slow or fast and its neck ferociously, while elongating the arms, hands, as fingers.

As through this Natural Medicinal Flow, one is able to remove all Energetic Cords, that no longer serves ones Path.

As within a state of complete inner Stillness, one will use ones arms, hands as fingers, to cut all cords, as to remove all blockages, from ones Ancestral Lineage, from this present, as the prior lifetimes.

During as After this Flow, the practitioner or “The Earthflower Yogi” will be deeply Rooted, as it gets a boost of Energy from its Solar Plexus as Heart Chakra, which will leave the Yogi, feeling incredibly Uplifted, Rejuvenated, as in Complete Presence, within Grace’s Universality.

Earthflower Flow is Art in Motion,

From the Goddess of Transcendence.

The Burner of Illusions,

The Remover of Cords,

The Enlightener of Obstacles,

The Wisdom of the Sage,

The Whisperer of Nature,

The Voice of the Voiceless,

The Demolisher of Darkness,

The Touch of Light,

The Nurturer of Life,

The Cleanser of Souls,

The Eye of Truth,

The Awakened of the Sleepers.


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