Earthflower Spirituality

The Practice of Self Inquiry🙏🏻

Self Sabotage,

It derives from the Egoic Mind, the one that says, “You are Not Worthy, You are Not Ready, You are Not Deserving of this” Or, if one takes its words as ones own, out of years of identifications, one Now says, “I am Not Ready, I am Unworthy, I am Not Deserving”

Yet, it is only up to you, to choose or not to choose to identify with the Egoic Mind Low Vibrations Intentions.

As the Ego mind is not the real Enemy, it is the identifications with the thoughts derived from the Ego Mind, that creates suffering for oneself, as so others. 

As Within, As Without.

It is the Power, Wisdom, Fearlessness, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Courage, Love, as Universality, of Consciousness itself, in the Play of the Lila, that will expose the illusionary Identities, its insecurities, habits, conditions, judgements, discriminations, revengefulness, fears, doubts, envy, jealousy, anger, cowardliness, hate as duality of the Egoic Mind.

Because, if taken a good look within oneself, one quickly notices, that non of these thoughts, actions, reactions, as sensations are from Consciousness, itself.

As one Discovers that all these is apart, from Consciousness, as the Ego Mind is the Unconsciousness.

Its main role is to create a temporarily identity, or persona out of Consciousness itself, as in a dream, so that at a later stage, it Awakens into the full truth of itself.

That one is the Soul expressing life as a temporarily human role, yet in truth we are the Absolute Self.

When Discovering this Truth, this being ignores, all that derives from the Ego Mind, to Remain as Heart.

Heart is also Consciousness, it is also Presence, which is the Self. 

This Practice is called Self Inquiry.

Love the Self, To Discover one is Love as the Self.

I AM. 


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