Earthflower Spirituality

The Practice of Earthflower Yoga🌸

Earthflower Yoga, is Non-Orthodox, style of yoga, that I created spontaneously, March 2016, as an Art of Consciousness, itself.

It is Originated from the traditional Iyengar Vinyasa Flow, mixed with Power Flow, yet it is Expressed Non Traditionally in a Mystical, Sensual, Fearless, as Whimsical way.

As the Dance through the Asanas.

It can be seen as the Imperfection, within the Perfection.

A Yoga designed for the Wild Ones.

The Femininity Energy, which is the Maha-Shakti, is expressed through ones inner stillness, with the usage of ones entire body, elongating the upper body, neck, arms, hands, fingers as toes.

It is a practice, to center into Presence, as one flows within the Universality of Grace.
This Being is in tune with the elements of the Cosmos, Earth, Wind, Water, Air and Fire.

As the Divine Energy within oneself, will move ones Spirit, into a Continual Dance.

It is the Art of Consciousness.

This practice can be done spiritually, as ritually to expand ones Consciousness, to center the Soul into the form, for vitality, stamina as power, for opening of the joints, for releasing of toxins, as for flexibility, it is the Freedom Expression of Consciousness.

A variety of Songs can be used, when practicing Earthflower Yoga, it takes the practitioner, which can be men as women of all ages, as body size, into an amazing rage of music genres, this includes, reggae, roots, rock and roll, psychedelic rock, jazz, classical music, blues, trap music, house music, soul music, funk music, singer song writers, as more.

It is the type of Music that sets the Soul Free, as one Expresses in Infinite ways.

So, Music that flows ones Heart in Endless ways.

As it, breaks the stereotype of the traditional chosen yoga music, as the way that the asanas are “normally” being practiced, in India, which is also good, yet for I, it was a bit robotic.

Thus, I created a place for Art, via this practice, to expand Yoga into Art.

It is all about putting the Funk into the Spirit of Yoga.

As by placing the right type of Music, within the practice of Earthflower Yoga, as it transforms into Lyrical Yoga in Motion.

As an Artist, I see it, as the expression of Poetry through the Flow of Music combined with Earthflower Yoga.

Which is, Art in Motion.


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