Earthflower Spirituality


FREEDOM, Is Liberation of Labels, as Stigmatizing, the Self. As Words are used for Expressing, yet Identifications with words, creates, an Identity, out of one. An Awakened Being, is Free of Identifications, with the words it Expresses with. It is only, when one deprograms it’s Egoic mind, from, its Thoughts, Believes, Ideas, Concepts, Programmings, Experiences,…… Continue reading UNTOUCHABLE🌿

Earthflower Spirituality

Bountiful Now💛

Blessed Now, Mis Amores. An Affirmation that I wrote for all of us, for this Bountiful Now. Please Repeat this to yourself, I am the Light that carries the Fire of Grace,  I am the Infinite within the Limited,  I am the Abundance of the Universe,  Moving as a Temporarily form, yet My Soul is…… Continue reading Bountiful Now💛

Earthflower Poetry

The Goddess of Flowers🌼

Indulge, Into Relaxation,  Embrace the Little things in Life. As, Within the Simplest things, One will Discover Exotic Pleasures. A Warm Soothing Bath, Flowers that Nurtures the Skin, Music that Lifts the Soul,  Now, Close Ones Eyes, Feel the Breath Flow through Ones Form, Thank the Universe for its Endless Delights, Rejoice, within the Stillness…… Continue reading The Goddess of Flowers🌼