Earthflower Poetry

The Brahman✨

As one Awakens, one Transcends Into a Highly Evolved Being.

Life becomes Mystically, ones Spiritual Gifts Amplifies.

Ego mind made programmings, are Transcended into Heart.

Presence is now ones Truth.

Even the Sight of Presence, is seen as a dream.

As, the Absolute has taken over the Play.

In its Presence, as itself, its Super Powers are ones own.

Heightened Psychic Abilities is oneself.

Empath is what ones Soul is.

ClairVoyant is ones Sight.

Telepathic Communication is ones new found Language.

Revelations are Revealed, within Divine Timing.

Life is fully Understood,

As One is the Creator of All,

The Brahman,

As the Absolute Self.


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