Earthflower Poetry

El Camino de Planta Medicina🌿

El Camino de Planta Medicina, 

The Road to Plant Medicine.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been wandering within my Lover city of Amsterdam.

Sometimes, the City slaps one in the face, other times Sensual kisses are given on ones face. 

The City of Rock n Rolla, 

The City of Freedom.

Through all the trials, tribulation, as struggles, it was so much Fun, as I remained as Heart, I met the most beautiful beings from across the world.

I saw the Oneness in all, I cried, I screamed, I yelled, I laughed, I laughed and I laughed some more, at this Madness of the unfolding called Maya.

However, My Lover is sending me out of here, it says it’s time for a new Adventure.

To Explore new Cities, to Embrace a new Study.

I am Traveling to Latino America soon, it’s been calling my name. 

I will Sing with the Forrest,

I will Soak up the Sun,

I will Cleanse within its Waters,

I will Eat Amazing Food, 

I will Create Art,

I will Revisit my previous Spiritual Journey,

I will Dance at the Pyramids Sights. 

I will be Bewildered by its Medicine,

I will visit the Indigenous Tribes, 

I will Express the Art of Consciousness,

I am placed in the Fire of Grace,

To Transform into a Medicine Woman,

Some are born to plant their seeds, others are born to Fly.

Mexico, here I come,

Que Sige La Fiesta, Tequilla. 


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