Earthflower Spirituality

Amsterdam the City of Awakening❌❌❌

Traveling and Wandering, what a huge difference.

When one Travels, one Travels in style, when one Wanders, one Wanders without any style. 

As, The Traveller is planned, and organized, The Wanderer has no plans, as it is unorganized, it flows as the unfolding goes.

Wanderers will go through a series of obstacles, I met some that slept outside, or at train stations. 

I for once, am wandering without any sense of Direction.

Within, the City of Freedom.

The City shows me its Wicked Sight, its Darkness, The City at Night, it is like a Stallion !

Spitting, as beating one up to the very core !

Listen, this Enlightens the Being.

As when the Wanderer needs a place to stay, it ends up paying a mixed room meaning a room, with men as women.

Some Hostels in Amsterdam, do this without caring to think further.

Making money on the people, what the fuck is this Shit !

I must laugh, as I write this, as it is Unbelievable, one has to Experience this show for oneself !

You sleep in a room, with a drugged up men, who touches you in the middle of the Night !

You end up screaming in the middle of the night, Motherfucker don’t you ever touch me ! 

As you must Now walk to the reception, at 3:45 am, to kick an Asshole, that has intense sexual desires out of the room, that you also helped to pay for ! 

Now, some days one can get an only women’s room, yet other days they are only mixed, as these people don’t give a fuck about your Safety, as your Sleep, yes hospitable, MY ASS !

The Dog eat Dog System, Greedy Humans that they are !

Yet, Some of the more priceable Hostels are Amazing, yet the Fucked up thing is, its all about Availability, this city is Filled, as the Waters that surrounds it. 

Some Hostels are filthy, as disgusting, rooms are only available for mixed bunk beds or normal sized bed, and so pricey, because, its the Holiday Season.

Yet, a lot of times, One also Connects with Amazing Beings from All Over, this has no price of itself.

As, at the end One lives, as one Learns, One Accepts, One Observes, As Grows, One Keeps laughing at this Joke called Life, as One Remains Detached. 

The City of Awakening this is, 

Pero Muchas Gracias,

Amsterdam Mi Corazón❌❌❌

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