Earthflower Spirituality

A Speaker of Truth has no Friends👽

My Ex Mirror created a False Scandal on me, Well his Ego Mind did.

As his identity loves Attention, as Praises, it is a Fame Seeker, so, he joined the Cast of Housewives of Beverly Hills, for a short term last year.

A mediocre show, I used to watch before my Awakening, A bunch of Old Ladies, who compete with one another, also most of them were never even married, yet they are called Housewives.

They are also Fame Seekers, “please film me 24/7, so that people are able to know who I am”, and “don’t worry, I will find myself a 28 year old that pretends to be interested in me”

Which Awakened, Confident, Wise, as Secure men would do a Fake Spiritual Mirroring on Housewives ? Only someone that is fully Asleep !

He used my written words, and he used to Send these mirroring words of mine, to this Lady, told it was his, as he even lied, about me to this Old Lady.

However, of course the ones in need of quick Fame, will surely attract one another, to put on a Show My friends.

Now, Someone from Housewives knows me too ;), Such, Laughter.

An Simple, yet Outrageous, Courageous, Poised, Kind, Awakened, as Loving Flower is being stalked daily 😉 So, why the need to expose all this Bullshit, only Now on my wall ? As I’ve known all this Shit since February.

Well, it is because, I am, resting in Stillness. Yet, Joseph is a pathological Liar, so I am revealing most, to help out !

He talks, and places lies on me,

He tells people that I am the narcissist, a Fame Seeker, yet I have no Friends.

I Transcended a Masochist energy that existed in me. To be seeking fame, one has to be well connected my friends, look how many people I follow.

As Did you know ? That Last November, I was asked to join a New Social Media TV channel, as for my Own TV program, I was again asked last March, to join an ABC cast for a new Reality TV. show.

They found me, I never send a request for this and I have declined Both !

I am Not Interested In FAME,

I am A Truth Speaker,

A Speaker of Truth has no Friends.

I am a Philosopher, as an Artist,

The Expression of Consciousness,

I have No more Role,

As it is a Pleasure to Serve God.

I just AM,


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