Earthflower Spirituality

All is a Dream✨

Life is just an Endless Travel.

As we are all visitors on Earth, our Souls are expressing life, within a temporarily, Human form.

All our Life Experiences brings one Enlightenment, as it Awakens one into ones Truth, which is the Self.

Life is a Movie, our Life stories are our very own scriptures, these are all created through Consciousness itself.

We are all the Divine Actors of our very own play, called Life, and Earth is our temporarily Magical Playground.

So, all that ones happened, or is happening, or will happen, is a Divine Unfolding of the Cosmos.

Now, in any kind of movie, one sees a series of genres, some are dramatic, others more whimsical, some bring terror, others even confusions, some are romantic, others mystical, some are violent, others more angelic.

Well, this is exactly what Life is, or the Maya, a Divine Movie, or a Dream.

It brings the Yin, which is the Light, as the Yang which is the Darkness.

Within this unfolding Script of my Divine Play, I have experienced all types of Genres.

As a child, I was molested, abused, bullied, and as a teenager, I was abused, used, misused, as judged, as an Adult I have experienced, some of the same shit, yet I have Transcended my play as an Alchemist.

Meaning, I have turned my sufferings, into my Awakening.

As within all darkness, holds ones Light, as the darkness will expose, the Consistent Truth in you.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

As all experiences past, present, as future is a Destined Unfolding of the Universe.

All is meant to be as it is, as all brings Consciousness Growth.

I have Discovered, by going within, that, In truth, I am beyond this play.

That I had to experience, these type of struggles as sufferings, to Transcend my own Egoic Mind, the one that loves to create a victim out of our Life Stories.

Yet, In Truth, it is by going through these sufferings, that one is able to reach God, as ones Highest Truth.

To Transcend all Ego Mind, experiences as sufferings into Enlightenment.

As, In Truth, Life is an Expression of Consciousness,

In Truth, my Life is Eternal,

In Truth, I AM as I AM,

In Truth, ALL is a Dream,

In Truth, I AM Absolute Self.


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