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The Transcendence from Person into Consciousness✨

We are One Consciousness, yet most of us are still experiencing life, as an Individual.

Because, of the believe that many still have, that I am only a Person, as the Person is accustomed, to identify with its Egoic mind.

The Ego Mind is the Lowest Vibration of Consciousness, it is the Unconsciousness, yet, The Heart is Consciousness, as the Highest Vibration.

When flowing from Heart, one flows Consciously, as Consciousness itself, when flowing from Person, one flows Unconsciously, as Unconsciousness itself.

Now, we are born on a Soul Mission to Discover the Truth of who we are, yet, first, one will go through the Dance of Person.

Now, when one can no longer flow as Person, because of its intense mind identifications, that brings sufferings for oneself, as others, this Being is Ripe enough, for Consciousness Transformation.

This is the Transcendence from Person into Consciousness, as the merging from Mind into Heart.

As, the Low Vibrational Energies of the Ego Mind, brings thoughts as sensations, of either, confusions, fears, doubts, insecurities, jealousy, cowardliness, conning, ignorant, arrogant, resistance, envy, anger, revenge, lies, pride, shame, blame, hate, everything that brings one in a state of victimhood, as delusions, within separation from ones heart, as all others.

It Bounds, One in an “Illusionary Prison”.

This is the Ego’s job, in the play of the Maya, Now, to become the Master of ones Ego Mind, is the objectivity of all Truth Seekers, as to go within, by practicing self Inquiry, as by doing this, one discovers that the Ego Mind, is Unconsciousness, yet, one is Consciousness. 

As so, One starts to Expose, as Ignore all that is Ego Mind, to Remain as Heart.

As, Heart is always Open, Free, in Oneness, Spontaneous, Grateful, Forgive-full, Limitless, Courageous, Generous, True, Compassionate, Graceful, Peace, Love, as it flows within the Universality of the Cosmos, as the Universe itself.

The Unconsciousness brings out the play of Duality, the ImPure, as the Imperfection, however, as one goes within, one Discovers that one is apart of this illusion, as the Highest, the Purest, as the Perfection of the Absolute Self. 


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