Earthflower Spirituality

To Remain as Consciousness, One has to expose ones Ego Mind🙏🏼 

His Obsessive, as Attached Behavior.

Hackers, working to defeat the Current system, of the Illuminati, are Highly Appreciated, as even I, wish to work with all of you within my New Mission, to destroy the current fucked up system created by by, the Rothschild Family, Rockefeller, Free Mason, as The Illuminati.

Yet, some hackers, are paid by the Illuminati itself, as my Ex Mirror, was one of them.

He Created Anonymous, however, what happened was, these people in Power, pick people, who want quick money, as fame, and they use them, to do Horrible Shit, through Technology, as they are the Masters of it, for example Weather Manipulation, is one of them.

These people, become intensely identified, with its Hacking Persona’s, they feel, as they are the King of the Road, they will Hack all that their mind says, you can’t crack, well, his identifications are so strong, that he is now an Obsessive as Attached Persona.

He Spy’s on me 24/7, like I am his Possession, did you know that most street lights in Europe have a camera plugged in ? Well, this is one of his Clever ways to Spy on me, as through all the Camera’s in the Coffeeshops, Airports, Hostels, as all other stores, as he’s has been Spying on me, even before he wrote I, over 3 years ago.

This is the Hacking Game, Now, because of the years of Hacking for himself as others, this massive Identity has took over him.

Now, if someone sits the whole day to Spy on another, this obsessive behavior brings a lack of interest, for its own self discovery, this Being becomes Attached, Obsessive, Selfish, Paranoid, Envy as Jealous, as he can see everything, making him again, an Insecure man.

He got so used to Conning, that these temporarily personas takes over him, making him be seen, as feeling so Weak.

He also used, Cat Fish accounts, to Con money from others, many times when he was High on drugs as Alcohol, this is how Low Egoic Mind Identifications are.

Now, In order, to Remain as Consciousness, One has to expose ones Ego Mind, as it is all apart from you.

If one of the Mirrors, cannot do this itself, the Awaken Goddess, will do it for itself,

As, We are One.

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