Earthflower Tribe Humanity Awareness

Game Changers of Consciousness✨

In Today’s Society, how can one beat a Rat Race, as Dog eat Dog system ?

Because, most Bullshit of this Earth, are controlled by the Biggest Mafia corporation existent in mankind.

Our own Human Race, at its lowest Unconsciousness Vibration, as it is identified only with the Ego Mind, and not moving from Heart.

They run the politicians, as the economy, they are the ones who decide prior to any political election, who will win, as who will not.

I am speaking about The Rothschild Family, Rockefeller, Free Mason, as The Illuminati Energy, my dear friends.

It is the creation of Consciousness itself, yet, in it lives the Actions of an Ignorant, Arrogant as Greedy man !

As this being is not evolved into its Highest Sight, yet.

Because of this intensity of the Masculinity Power Struggle on Earth, a Fucked Up system like this, one can only beat, by discovering ones own Truth !

By going within, it maybe sounds clever or silly, yet it is the Only Way !

As, all answers are within you, and no Identity can know this, Only the Awaken One, as Consciousness itself.

It Reveals All, as it is the Creator of the Play, as so it knows its Truth.

To know, that this is a Destined Play of Consciousness, as One is in Truth everything as everyone.

As we are in Truth, One Consciousness, experiencing a temporary Earthly Life.

All past, present as future, is the Omni-Presence Truth, which is Consciousness.

As, when one discovers this Truth, one Awakens, as a Game Changer !

As, The Expression of Consciousness.

A Chosen One, who comes to Shed Truth, as Light on a Sleeping Planet.

A Planet that thrives on Self Image, Individuality, Greed, Money as Temporarily Pleasures.

Which is not at all a bad or negative thing, as good, bad, negative or positive, derives from the Egoic Mind, as, all just is.

Yet, Awakening to Ones Truth, yields Salvation, meaning Freedom of Suffering from the Psychological Mind, as to Awaken to who one truly is, which is Discovering, I am Consciousness itself.

This is knowing I am the One in All.

This Saved Being will help to spread Light, onto other Souls, so that they can also be Saved from the Temporary Earthly Pollutions.

Seek Truth, yet Within !

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