Earthflower Spirituality

Unwrapping my Gift🌈

Backpacking Earth,

Two weeks ago, I started my travels, after living in families, friends as strangers houses for over two years and a half.

As, Ram Dass says, if you believe you are Enlightened, spend a week with your family, well try 1,5 years. 

However, I have decided to Leave it all behind, and to do the thing that my heart desires the most, which is to Travel the Earth.

A dream of mine, ever since Forever.

I cleaned up my storage room, all by myself, it was a tough one, yet Liberating.

I was standing by myself at the airport, when a sudden mega bummer transpired, which made me lose my flight. 

I was a bit shocked, but accepting life as it is.

Yet, this became a blessing in disguise.

All my luggage’s were on that flight that I lost, so they landed, instead of me in Curaçao, as I was left in Amsterdam.

A decision made by the Universe, as it removed most of the Earthly possessions, leaving I, with a Guitar, a laptop, phones, a blanket, and the clothes I had on that day, and not much money left in my wallet.

Yet, It released all the old energies, that were “blocking” I, to flow into the new, as less is more.

Sunday, will be two weeks of wandering the City of Amsterdam by my own.

I am moving from hotels to hostels, as I decided not to live with families, friends neither strangers anymore.

As that cycle brought me so much lessons as growth, yet it does not serve me anymore.

The Universe wants me to start with my Travels here in Amsterdam, my home for over 10 years.

It wants I to experience the backpacking lifestyle, starting in the city that I love the most.

I will be Yoga Trading, as pursuing my new career, as I go.

Living in your own house or staying in a house or room in Amsterdam, is so much different, than being the traveller of the city.

As a visitor, all is unknown, as it flows within the direction of no directions.

All is decided by the Heart, it flows one, as so all is decided for me. 

Never is the next destination known,

as it is a Surprise by the Universe, itself.

Lets Wait, until I finish Unwrapping my Gift,

Like A RollingStone,

Home is my Heart.

Everywhere, I will Wander into, is Home. 


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