Earthflower Spirituality

The Dance of Awakening✨

It is The Dance of Awakening.

Consciousness chooses the Mirrors.

Two Identities within a Dream State.

As the One who Awakens, is now, A Genie of Consciousness, A Magical One.

Its Super Powers are a Gift to Life.

Because, when a Mirror comes to see itself, within the Awakened Mirrors Eyes, its Masquerades shows, will be fully Exposed.

The Mirror can now show one, who one portrays at the moment, which was An Identified Egoic Mind.

It exposed a Pathological Liar, a Greedy Person, A Narcissist, A Bully, A Selfish, Revengeful Identity, An Evil, Envious, Malicious, A Con Artist, A Hacker, A Stalker, as a Jealous Guy, A Seeker of Fame, A Manipulator, An Obsessed, as Possessive Person, An Insecure, Attached, Competitive, UnLoyal Identity, it derives, out of its own believe, that I am a Identity.

Yet, if He dared to come in an Awakened Being space, by Using several “People that I felt I could trust, or followers “, to only Seduce them Sexually, as to Seek Pitiful Revenge, well this person can Only be Asleep, as so, it is also now Ready, to be Awakened, by the Awakened One.

As He, wanted them to feel a bit special, for even one Night, yet it was a play of the Ego Mind.

As, shortly after, its own Identity Bullshit has come Alive.

The Truth is, a Genie helps one to see ones Untruths.

It Exposes what is No Longer Serving your Highest Self.

It places you under the Fire, to be able to Burn, within the Fire of Grace.

A Goddess, will Dance with you, within the Transcendence of the Maya.

Consciousness, sends the Ones who are Ready, Ripe and Open, to Listen to the Goddess words.

As the Awakened One, might lose you as a “friend or followers”, yet it gains Universality.

It might expose your lies, yet it remains as Love.

It might show your Untruths, yet only Truth remains.

It might un-mask you, yet the Faceless remains.

Enlightenment is about Transcending the Darkness, that One takes as the Self.

Because, of the years of Ego Mind Identifications, as Conditions, this being needs to Transform into its original Self as Presence.

It is Never a Pretty Sight,

Like a Beautiful Pollock,

See the Beauty in the Madness,

Now, remain Untouched, as Light.

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