Earthflower Spirituality

Discover the Truth of who One is✨

The Bell rang, it was pass 10, during night time, yet I was completely Dwelled, as Timelessness.

As, it was Timeless welcoming Time, however within his Egoic Mind Identifications, this was a Play of the Cat and Mouse.

As, I opened the door, and saw the face in front of me, I saw that this Being, has not the same face, as my Ex Mirror.

However, within, his eyes, I could see, it was the one self, yet within a different form.

It was his Street Artist Polish Friend, they do Street Art together.

However, right there and then, I knew that, Joseph is in a Dream state, yet again, as he is snoring.

As a Clever Mind, is what he has, yet he came in the Space of a Wise One.

His Egoic Mind, played games with him again, as he is intensely Jealous, that I still had a great relationship with my Past Lover, as we did spend quiet a time during those days together.

Yet, it was the Letting Go of a Past Lover, within the Transitioning of Consciousness, to open myself for my new one.

As, the Mind says to him, you are “Good for Nothing”, because of the previous Low Vibrated, actions as reactions, of his past Identity, he feels, as his Ego told him this, and he agreed with the Master Ego, that “I would never ever get this woman, as she would never Understand, Accept as Forgive me”

So, the Masquerades took over him, as the Disguises where so many, because of this, he Started to act as Catfish, while using several Cat Fish accounts, as it was a Cat fish that rang that bell at our “first physical meeting.

He started to Test I, because of its own non-acceptance as insecurities, out of its habitual Egoic Mind Made Conditions, yet when one Tests Consciousness, it is ready to reveal ones Untruths, so one can Remain as Truth.

As He became a Road Show of the Ego Mind, He used many Cat Fish accounts to spam my posts on Facebook, because my stats are booming.

He also, wrote other people through these catfish accounts to spread fake rumors about me, Now, because he has my accounts hacked, he even wrote people that I knew, through my accounts, portraying as me, just to bully them, as I.

He manipulated “friends as a family member” to post things of which were Seen, that life was unfolding within synchronicity for our meeting, in order for him, not to expose their untruths, and they sadly agreed.

Yet, it is only by identifying ones Untruths, one is able to Transcend, and Remain as Ones Truth, which is Consciousness, as Self Inquiry plays a huge role, to keep looking within the Self, for the Transcendence from Mind into Heart.

This is Mirroring through Bhakti Yoga, this Romance is different, as it is not the written Romantic Novels, rather Mirroring has to do with discovering, what is hiding behind all the Earthly Masks that one uses.

It is not a pretty sight, yet one designed within the Masters Guidance, as through the Dance of Grace, It is the Burning of the temporarily Illusions, to remain as the Consistent Self, Presence.

These habits and conditions are mainly, created by our Environment, our Past Experiences, as our Upbringing, all expectations of how things should be, instead of accepting life as it is.

This Being does not defend the Ego Mind’s, thoughts, actions as reactions, rather it Exposes them as Untruths, it Ignores all that no longer serves its Highest Purpose.

To Remain as the Self.

God always chooses, the One who Surrenders at its Mercy, it will be the Dance of its Fire of Love.

It picks one up, by revealing what is no longer serving one, it chooses the exact Mirrors, that are attracted by this Dance.

Yet, None should be taken personal, as this is Transcending the imitator, as “Person” into Presence.

So, One is able to Transform the Darkness, to Shine fully, as Light.

The Only Eternal Love.

To Discover the Truth of who One is, takes Responsibility to Ones own, Love of the Self.

Within this Space, one AWAKENS as, The Absolute Self.

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