Earthflower Spirituality

Discover your Art🎨

Discover the Self, so one can Express ones own Unique Art, as we are the Art of Consciousness, as the Muse of the Universe.

I get asked, how can I be of Service to Mankind, I say, From the Heart, practice Self Inquiry, and Discover the Self, first. 

As this Earth, consists of Copy Cats, humans do not know who they are, so they Stalk other humans pages, to Copy Cat their Art.

Whilst, Inspiration can be found in everything, Copy Catting, derives from the Egoic Mind, as so its art becomes the Art of Ego.

Because, when one does not know ones Truth, Consciousness is not able to fully express its Highest ability through its vehicle.

Now, as an Artist I have an eye for Beauty, I get Inspired by so much, yet, I see other Artists, Yoga Teacher’s, Writers, Poets, Musicians, as Dancers, Copy Catting the work of Art of others. 

This derives from a human, who has not Discovered the Self, because it is identified with its Egoic Thoughts, it can never fully Express through and as Consciousness, itself.

It will be mostly expressing, through the Unconsciousness Mind, the lowest vibration of The Self.

It is not the Raw, Unique as Authentic, expression of the Self, rather, an imitation of the Expression of another.

This is a Dualistic Expression, which is separate from ones Heart, in a state of competition, as Ego thrives through comparison, which Limits the Expression of Conscious Art on Earth.

Be inspired by others, yet honor this, by creating something new, only this way the True Innovative Creation from within Stillness, can arise from you.

So, the Discovering of the Self, eliminates the Ego Mind projections of the illusionary Personality.

As, the one who Discovers the Self, will flow Freely, as Spontaneously from the Heart, which is its Consistent Truth.

By doing this, one is now expressing the Highest Vibration of Consciousness, through its work of Art on Earth, which is Universal Art.

This is the Expression, of Love, Oneness, Peace, Freedom, Courage, Universality, Honor, Respect, Compassion, Integrity, as Grace.

This is the Motion of the Universe, it expresses, 


Discover your Art,

Let your True Self Shine. 

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