Earthflower Spirituality

I am Mirroring, Not Babysitting🌼

I am Mirroring, Not Babysitting.

The Opposite Attracts, I am the Yin, he is the Yang.

Yang is the Masculine energy, overpowering his host body, making him feel Insecure, Needy, Revengeful, Selfish, Arrogant, Ignorant, Obsessive, as Attached.

Its Egoic Mind Identifications will say, I Need your Attention, as you are Mine, so, if I don’t, he Seeks Revenge like a thief in the Night, and creates False Scandals.

As the Ego, tells him, that he is a Good for Nothing, which is a very Limited sense of Existence, as it says, If you can’t get her, Nobody else will.

Now, he is a good Hacker too, as, a Hacker, this sense of Entitlement, will become an identity, if not seen as apart from you.

An Awakened Being understands it all, yet it is Pointing out the ways to Demolish your Egoic Mind Programmings, which creates suffering to yourself, as so others.

Now because of His Hacking identifications, he Spy’s on me all day, as he wanted to know, everything about Miss. Elaine Prince, also who her families, friends, as followers were.

So he hacks all my accounts.

However, lets continue this Revelation, so if I would prolong my travels, he would get angry at me, when he heard me kiss another guy, he became Jealous, when I was on the Covers of Magazines, he was Envious, when I got msgs, from men as Woman he got Enraged, all this came, from his Poor Mind Identifications.

He, would afterwards, write “People that I felt I could trust, or followers “, of mine or his, to spread false rumors, as to travel to Holland or in England itself, just to Bang these women, when he is done using them, they would never hear of him, in a proper way, as he Now, hates his as their actions.

This was The Masquerades Show, of this Sleeper !

I know, you Hate him, I am Sorry for everything, yet, it exposed the Fake, in So many men as women pretending to be my friend.

As he told me Everything, as the ones he used, only kept quiet, they still have their Masks on, as they never said Anything to me.

They are Hiding as Cowards.

Yet, I forgive you all, as it is because of You, I dwelled deeper into my Truth.


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