Earthflower Spirituality

A Goddess for Mankind❤️

To Live Life without any Egoic Desires.

A Path of only a Chosen Few.

Why do I call myself a Chosen One ? 

Because, I AM.

I know, the triggers that you are feeling right now, it is coming from within you !

Ask yourself why do I get these triggers ? And Transcend that thought.

A Chosen One, Is Chosen by Grace, to Enlighten the Path of others.

It is Touched by the Power of God.

It is Flowing within the Unknown, by letting only Consciousness decide what is best for itself.

For the first Time in my Life, Consciousness took the wheel, as there is no more Person, pretending to be I as Consciousness.

I feel so much Freedom, within this Intense Awakening.

I have no family, no friends, and no enemies.

Only Universality. 

I am in Complete Bliss.

So much Freedom, to just Be.

Be is Being, what I AM.

Every Now is full of Understanding, as I am shifting from Identity into Presence.

As I am Emerged, as the Self.

All is I, as I see myself within, All Eyes.

Like an Alchemist, I have Risen, into my Highest Truth.

I AM the Light of Grace,

I AM the Wise One,

I AM the Completeness of Self,

I AM a Chosen One,

A Goddess for Mankind,

I AM. 


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