Earthflower Spirituality

We are a Sensual Expression of Consciousness­čî║

There is a huge difference between Sexuality and Sensuality.

Whilst sexuality, is seen through the Human Eyes, the identity which identifies with the Egoic Mind.

Sensuality, is seen through the Eye of Being, which is the Eye of Consciousness, the One True Eye of the Self.

The Human Egoic Eyes, are the Pre-Programmed Eyes.

These are the Eyes of Media, the Eyes of Society Normalities, the Eyes of Culture Programmings, the Eyes of Habits, the Eyes of Mind Identifications, the Eyes of Personalities, the Eyes of Persona, the Eyes of living in the Past, as Future, The Eyes of Duality, which is also the Eyes of the Identity.

These are the Impure Eyes, as it is polluted by all the Pre-Programmed notions, ideas, as concepts of the Egoic Mind, this also forms ones way of seeing life, which is mainly limited.

Because, the Egoic Mind is a limited version of Consciousness, as it is also the lowest vibration as the Un-Consciousness.

Therefore, it can only see things in a Constipated, Limited, as within a Closed Minded way of Projecting life. 

Yet, The Eye of Being, which is another name of Consciousness, has the Highest Seeing in Life.

The Sight of Love.

When one deprograms of all this Egoic Mind Conditions, Life can now be seen through the Eye of Consciousness.

As Human transcends into Being.

Thus, as ones Consciousness Expands, one can now see life through the Purest Vibrational Eye, as Consciousness itself.

Within this space, all is One.

The Form of Women as Men is seen as a Divine Freedom Expression of Consciousness.

It is the Art of Consciousness.

The Body is seen as the Temple of Consciousness.

The Form is the creation, as the Beauty of Consciousness.

It is temporarily, yet DIVINE, a Pure Expression of Love.

It seen through the imPure Human Egoic eyes as matter, yet in Truth, is only Pure Energy of Love.

This is Magic.

It should be Appreciated, not devalued as only a Sex Object.

The Soul is seen as The Highest Vibration of Love.

It is the Fuel of the Form.

Grace moves the Form as Art in Motion.

We are Nature,

The Human is Earth,

The Being is a Flower.

We are a Sensual Expression of Consciousness,

An Earth Flower. 


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