Earthflower Poetry

As Within, As Without🙏🏼

Please Friends, 

My life I share, because I dont give a Fuck what others think of me !

I am finally Free, if you are a friend that I never met in person please, meet me from Soul, not Mind.

As please keep your own fears, doubts, judgements which are Limitations from the Egoic Projections from mind, Upon yourself or Transcend this Limitation, it is up to you.

However, do not tell me how to live, what to do, I did not ask !

Remember, this comes from within you, it is the Ego mind who judges and you say yes Master Ego, lets judge and create more Seperation.

You write Judgements from my openness, which I share on my posts, and you forget that it is coming directly from within you !

It is you as the Identified Identity who judges itself, by believing the limited thoughts of the Ego Mind.

Now, Be Responsible ! 

Freedom means, being not identified with the Ego Mind who lives on Fears, Doubts as Judgements, this creates seperation from heart as everyone else.

As Within, As Without. 

Practice Self Discovery, then let Consciousness Speak through you !

Otherwise, just Remain as Heart, Within Onenes.

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