Earthflower Spirituality



Has to do with the Soul.

As it is the Soul that is Generous, its essence is of a giver, as of a receiver.

As one can have 5 euros in their pocket and they can grand one with all their five, yet, another can have a million euros on their bank account and they can grand one with five euros.

Meaning, it is the Awakened Generous soul, that is able to grand its Generosity, an Unawakened can give, but this might occur through expectations, selfishness, greed, guilt or obligations.

As the Unawakened mind, lives in accordance to its Egoic Mind projections. 

As, when one discovers that the Soul Essence itself, is an Abundant One, one discovers, that Life will always take care of Life, which is the One Self.

This Being has Awakened into the Self, and lives in accordance to its hearts wishes.

As so when one gives, one does not expect to receive anything back in return, as Life takes care of all needs, requirements, as wishes that Life has.

All within the Destined Unfolding of the Cosmos.

Life is The Universe, which is also Consciousness, which is ones Soul.

In Truth, we are Consciousness, birthed through God, which is the Highest Almighty, as so we are also its Highest Truth.

Meaning, Life will never forget its own creation, take a good look at Nature, it is always taken cared, by Life.

The Sun never forgets to Shine on everything.

The Rain never forgets to fall.

The Moon never forgets to Shed its Light.

The Stars never forget to Twinkle.

The Trees are standing Firm,

Its Roots are deeply Planted,

It always gives Space for others Roots to Grow.

The Leaves will fall, yet they will return back, fully Recycled.

The Mountains are standing Tall.

The Waves are continually washing away all that no longer serves the Ocean.

Nature is our own Reflection.

It is Never Competing, as it is Never Denying,

It is a Reminder,

To Let Go,

To Remain Still,

To Always seek Water,

To Always reach out for the Sun,

To Learn,

To Cleanse,

To Support,

To Give,

To Receive,

To Enlighten,

To Grow,

To Bloom as,

To Blossom.

As our Roots are Deeply Planted within the Circle of Life, and as the Consciousness Flower of Life.

All is Well,

We are Nature. 


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