Earthflower Tribe Environmental Awareness

Zen Farm🌿

Create a change in your lifestyle through your food.

As we are what we eat !

Now, I know the organic produces in the grocery stores are ridiculously expensive !

So one feels like I cannot afford those healthy foods.

One of Earthflower Movement’s mission is to create Awareness, on the Benefits of Non Genetical Modified Organism Produces.

We are here to Enlighten others to take the extra mile, by visiting their nearby Non-GMO Farmers !

Because why aren’t we supporting, our local farmers anymore ?

Is it because we got accustomed into buying our foods in the grocery stores.

However, there are many farmers that work daily in creating the perfect non-gmo, non-pesticides foods.

So why not support them ?

By supporting these local farmers we are also promoting our health, as we are creating a change for ourselves, as the world !

Our First Movement of Awareness, goes to my Brother Tito’s dream which finally came true !

This is #zenfarmcuraçao, he wants to be this change, by creating the first hydroponics Non-GMO Farm.

This will be done for the island of #Curaçao, the farm will provide healthy NON-GMO, as NON-PESTICIDES produces and medicinal herbs.

All the produces will be at the local price, and not the expensive organic foods that one finds nowadays at the local grocery stores.

Yet, we will create fair low cost prices, for the whole Island of Curaçao, by offering these Amazing, Organic as NON-GMO Produces, in our Local Super, as Mini Markets throughout the Island.

As Zen Farm is Creating a New Revolution, within our own Food Chain, by Changing the previous one, which placed imported GMO Foods, in first place.

Now Curaçao’s own Non-GMO Produces, from our Own Local Zen Farmer, will be placed in first place.

This is a Major Step for the Island, as it brings more work opportunities, the economy will save so much money as for not importing GMO produces, also it will also bring many health benefits.

This Food Revolution starts at Zen Farm in Curaçao.

Curaçao, hold on, Zen Farm is Coming Soon in a neighborhood near you !

Nature cries, are our motivation in Life.