Earthflower Spirituality

Just be the Self🌼

Why people so cheesy ?

Why the need to compete in spirituality, as also the using of masters names, just to say, that you know him or her better than others.

Also the not being able to be yourself, to just express how the fuck you want to, or the not being able to just have fun. 

Why the need to pretend to be in a continual zen state ? As the different experiences from life brings us all the various tastes, from love, peace, anger, sadness, happiness, so on and so fort.

Are we starting a new religion on Earth, called Spirituality ?

What happened to Just Be Yourself, and to inspire this in others by example, by being your own Unique, Raw as Authentic Self.

To not identify with the Ego Minds needs of comparing as competing with another. 

To not identify with the Ego Minds needs of creating the “perfect illusionary self image of spirituality”

To not identify with the Ego Minds projections of what will others think of me, as so I cannot say, be or do this.

As all this will make one feel drained, as tired and in a state of Separation rather than of Oneness.

Because, if the most keeps pretending, it will only create more Duality within as without, instead of Universal Oneness.

As, one cannot keep putting on the masquerades of the Ego Mind, as by taking these masks off, is when the True Self is able to shine, as there is no one pretending to be its True Self any longer.

As only Consciousness can choose to take these temporarily masks off, it can never be done by the one pretending to be Consciousness, and this happens when one realizes, that these Egoic Masquerade Ball does no longer serve ones Highest Truth.

Ones Consciousness Self is able to let go of all Untruths, meaning the personalities, ideas, judgements, habits, thoughts, actions, as reactions, which derives from the Ego Mind, that seems to take ones Consciousness Self over.

Until, it is no longer needed, as when one starts to Awaken into the Truth and one sees that ones Untruths, are now exposed through Consciousness, as it not who you really are, rather separate than you.

Ones eyes are now wiped clean, and one is able to fully Transcend into ones Highest Potential.

Into The Self.

Just Be. 


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