Earthflower Poetry

Make your Spirit Roar💛

​In Life one has to take some Risks.

Jump from a Cliff, into a Deep Blue Sea.

Swim from the Shallows Ends of the Water, into the Depths of the Ocean.

Take a Surf Class, and Explore Nature’s Waves.

Take a Hike, Dwell deep into Nature’s Treasures.

Take a Wandering Trip, Discover Earths Exquisite Wonders.

Go for the Career of ones Dreams, Express your Talent as Gifts.

Start a New Venture, Open up the Pandora’s Box of Life.

Climb the Highest Mountain, Reach its Glorious Top.

Make the phone call, Send the txt message, or email, Unfold that Unsolved Mystery, let it Be Magically Solved.

Take a Leap of Faith into the Unknown, Through your Inner Divine Wisdom, you will make it Known.

Go for your True Love, The one that makes your Heart Glow.

Try a Psychedelic, Embrace Life’s Splendid Delights.

Do the thing that the Ego mind, makes you believe, that you fear the most, after that the Fear, has no more control over you, it Evaporates, and you Become Free.

Dive into your True Heart Desires,

Make your Spirit Roar.

You are the Magician,

As the Magic,

An Enchanted Light.


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