Earthflower Spirituality

Down the Rabbit Hole🐰

Sometimes Life knocks us down.

It wants us to taste some struggles.

It wants us to embrace its Ecstasy.

It is like we are on a Trip.

A Trip called Life.

The Rabbit Holes are Endless.

As we enter one, we experience, we learn, we conquer, we grow, and of we go, as we enter another Rabbit Hole.

All Rabbit Holes brings surprises, as we cannot predict the future, we can only accept the moments fully as they are.

Like Alice we enter Enchanted Wonderland.

To Taste what life wishes for us to taste, as each moments brings the sensations, as the experiences enlightens our souls into its highest potential.

As so when life knocks you down, hold on tight, as down the Rabbit Hole you go, into ones own Awakening of the True Self.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride,

Be Ready to Fly.


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