Earthflower Poetry

Lizard Queen🦎

​​​​The Spirits are Always here.

They are the Masters.

The Whisperers of Truth.

They can see the Illusionary,

Past, Present as Future.

They Reside within the Space called Now. 

Beyond Time,

Dwelled into Timeless,

It is here were I frequently listen to them,

They are us, yet within in-between planes.

They see the Pure Magic, that creates Life. 

I am a Magical Child,

A Beam of Mystical Love,

The Eyes of Enchantment,

The Voice of Transcendence,

The Ears of Delight,

The Hands of a Magician,

The Taste of Psychedelics,

The Wisdom of the Universe,

The Heart of Oneness,

An Enchanted Light.

Within the Mystics I Rise,

As the Lizard Queen.


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