Earthflower Spirituality

We are Strong💚

As I woke up this Morning, 

I saw the Beautiful Leaves of Fall.

I Inhaled the Fresh Air.

I saw that the Old is shedding.

Metaphorically, a Chapter is closing, for a New Blank Page to be revealed.

As within my own Life, I am experiencing the same, the shedding of the past identity.

Sensations of sadness arises from time to time, as tears come with.

However, from within the Big Picture, our souls are continually Evolving, as Life is always Recycling.

As within the Grand Truth, All is Infinite.

As even Nature shows us, all four seasons keeps revisiting the Earth yearly.

There is never a final ending, yet, always a continuation.

We are also Nature, as so, it goes the same way with us.

We have different seasons, but we will always keep growing within Consciousness.

The Seasonal Lessons, brings us understanding, acceptance, growth, truth, oneness, wisdom, trust, faith, grace, forgiveness, compassion, love, as peace.

It teachings us endless lessons.

Life is our Teacher, Earth is our School.

Life always, takes care of Life.

The Universe says,

We are Strong,

All is Well. 


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