Earthflower Poetry

An Awakened being is a gift to life💚


The dream, when one imagines a dualistic world.

As the Universe itself, creates endless imaginations, which is seen as, and within a dream.

A dream that one now believes is real.

A dream that one sees another form, as separated from ones own. 

A Matrix, as one steps into a form and this becomes ones experience.

Yet, the experience can only be experienced, through and as Consciousness.

As without a Soul, there is no Form, as so there is no Life.

Consciousness, which is the Spirit, is the only Eternal and Consistent Truth.

The Forms are Imagined.

The Experiences are Imagined.

When Consciousness, discovers that Life is just a dream, it Awakens from the Sleep.

Consciousness, Soul, Spirit, is the same, it is only mentioned in different ways, yet it is One.

An Awakened Being is a gift to Life.

I AM. 


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