Earthflower Spirituality

The light of pure consciousness✨


Something I had no clue of.

You see, I was born in 1985, when the Internet did not even exist like now. 

Growing up, Google, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, did not exist yet, at home, we had a small TV, with 4 different channels, that one could see on it.

If we weren’t watching TV, we were playing outside, exploring the Bushes, as on the Island, we do not have woods, rather bushes.

The Internet started to bloom, when I was the age of 12.

One could search a song, that they heard on the radio that day, however, not on youtube, but on a different platform, it was pretty exiting times.

Now-a-days, the internet has blossomed into unimaginable ways.

An example, people are able to create limitless fake identities online, so we call this Catfish and Internet Bullies.

Now, these are lost and insecure little puppies, they have been bullied at home, by their own people, now they project the same unto other souls. 

So they feel the need, to be someone else, as they do not like themselves, so they create fake account.

Just to follow others on social media, to like or unlike their photos, to comment malicious or mean things, to report, or to harass.

They even create catfish out of your own identity, so they “steal” your identity, just to destroy ones career as reputation.

Some are even hackers, as they know the internet so well, so they create limitless fake accounts, just to bully or to exploit, to feel good about themselves, to rage, or for some needy speedy attention.

Imagine that Shit, now you can feel like a “Victim” one can say, of someone else’s delusionary Bullshit ! 

As, they are sitting at home, behind their phones or laptops , cowardly bulling another, at home, behind their phone or laptops. 

So, they can bully one drastically, that a person could even commit suicide, this is how fucked up Internet Bullying is.

Because I also experienced, the temporarily sensation of being “bullied” online, I am able to say, that only you have the Ultimate Power, as a bully only remains, a temporarily bully.

It is just a sad bully, as do you really think this bully is happy ? Think again ! 

So lets gain some Consciousness Strength, out of this Experience.

As the role of a bully can only work through the Egoic Mind, as this person is being manipulated by the Ego Mind, now, the Low Vibrated thoughts, has dominated its host body.

Because of this, this being is not fully functioning from Heart, it acts as reacts, as the Ego mind wishes, so, lets have Compassion for the role of a Bully.

So bully, we will kill that fake identity, that is trying to take your Consciousness self over.

Now, this is our Power.

When one discovers this truth, one is looking at Life as an Observant, as one is now Detached and moving solely from Heart, here one remains as Consciousness.

So, even, if the bully feels the need to attack, one rises as Consciousness above it all, here one is not identified with the role of being truly bullied.

As one remains as Heart, nothing is able to touch you, not even the bully’s ill intentions, as one is only Consciousness and not an identity.

As so Nobody is able to touch, a No one.

As the bully is an identity, it wants a reaction from another identity.

It want to make you feel weak, like the bully itself, is feeling.

As no joyful being will bully, the identity that bullies is in your space, because there is something within oneself, that needs transcendence.

So, you remain Strong and Detached.

As, when there is no longer an identity to play with, the bully is dancing with the Highest Vibration of all, which is Consciousness.

Within this Space, all egoic intentions as the illusionary role of the bully will instantly de solve, by the Light of Pure Consciousness, itself.

Here, we remain,

As One Light,


As Free.

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