Earthflower Spirituality

Let Consciousness Move One💛

Modern Slavery. Something, that most people, do not stand still to notice. As now-a-days, most beings live their lives by going through fashion magazines, or by following these Brands, Celebrities, as Models, who are mainly using their Social Media pages, to promote these fashion brands. Because, these brands pay these Celebrities as the Models, or…… Continue reading Let Consciousness Move One💛

Earthflower Poetry

Life’s Endless Miracles✨

​ ​During my darkest hours, I Transcended all into Light. It was a Blessing in Disguise. My Heart Moves me, I flow, Intuitively, by the guidance of Grace. I Sing for Love. I Dance for Freedom. I Express for Oneness. This is my Truth. I am Grateful for Life’s Endless Miracles, I am a Miracle,…… Continue reading Life’s Endless Miracles✨

Earthflower Poetry

A Sublime Art in Motion🎨

A Form Expressed through Consciousness. As a Guitar it Sings. As a Bird it will Fly. As a Flower it Blooms. As a Plant it Unfolds. As a Butterfly it Transforms. As a Gem it Shines. As Love it Ignites. As Light it Enlightens.  It is a Masters Work of Art. A Sublime Art in…… Continue reading A Sublime Art in Motion🎨