Earthflower Poetry

The Goddess of Light✨

​​As I Gently Flow, I made my way home. Within fearlessness, I found my True Nature. Within Grace, I reached the Highest Mountain. Only to Witness, I am always Home. I am the Warrior of Transcendence. I am the Love of the Universe. I am the Embodiment of Nature. I am the Scent of a…… Continue reading The Goddess of Light✨

Earthflower Tribe Environmental Awareness

Zen Farm🌿

Create a change in your lifestyle through your food. As we are what we eat ! Now, I know the organic produces in the grocery stores are ridiculously expensive ! So one feels like I cannot afford those healthy foods. One of Earthflower Movement’s mission is to create Awareness, on the Benefits of Non Genetical…… Continue reading Zen Farm🌿

Earthflower Spirituality

Let Consciousness Move One💛

Modern Slavery. Something, that most people, do not stand still to notice. As now-a-days, most beings live their lives by going through fashion magazines, or by following these Brands, Celebrities, as Models, who are mainly using their Social Media pages, to promote these fashion brands. Because, these brands pay these Celebrities as the Models, or…… Continue reading Let Consciousness Move One💛