Earthflower Poetry

The Goddess of Light✨

​​As I Gently Flow, I made my way home. Within fearlessness, I found my True Nature. Within Grace, I reached the Highest Mountain. Only to Witness, I am always Home. I am the Warrior of Transcendence. I am the Love of the Universe. I am the Embodiment of Nature. I am the Scent of a…… Continue reading The Goddess of Light✨

Earthflower Tribe Environmental Awareness

Zen Farm🌿

Create a change in your lifestyle through your food. As we are what we eat ! Now, I know the organic produces in the grocery stores are ridiculously expensive ! So one feels like I cannot afford those healthy foods. One of Earthflower Movement’s mission is to create Awareness, on the Benefits of Non Genetical…… Continue reading Zen Farm🌿