Earthflower Spirituality

I am the joy within all the experiences­čĺÜ

Does anybody remember laughter ?

Why take all so serious ?

You know why ?

Because we forgot our True Essence, now we take life way too seriously !

Like the world is coming to an end soon, so I better do all that the world ask me to do, before I die.

We are too focused, on the exterior, how our image is looking, all for others, to be accepted or to get praises. 

Even Yoga, now-a-days is so focused on the physical, on the body, rather than what it is truly meant to be focused on, which is unifying the body, mind and soul.

As to awaken oneself from the sleep of person into the Complete Truth of the Absolute Self.

The majority of today’s planet is separated, with the lie, that has become a mind believe, that culture, status, education, countries, religion and roles separate us.

This is Completely False, as these are only the temporarily garments that Consciousness chooses to wear, for its own awakening on this Earthly plane.

All that you are and went through, is what God itself wanted, as it was, what was the best for Transendence and ones own Soul Growth.

Yet, we forgot this truth.

As the life experiences, society, culture, and upbringing, has created an illusionary identity out of us.

However, this identity, as the role, of which we act upon, are not who we really are.

As all these are apart of who we truly are.

To discover the True Self, means the Liberation of taking life seriously.

As one discovers, I am beyond my experiences, roles, gender, culture, age as race.

I am an Eternal Soul expressing a temporarily life.

Not an identity, neither persona, nor role, rather, a Free Spirit.

As so, I am the joy within all the experiences, the Good, the Bad as the Ugly. 

Also, the Laughing Buddha is an energy,

It resides within us all,

So, never forget to Laugh at Life.

As you are even Beyond Life, itself. 


3 thoughts on “I am the joy within all the experiences­čĺÜ

  1. Bitter truth about our lifeless life… Often we are afraid to be our own self, scared to to lose our impressive image of a good man…thanks for expressing ur mind, will try to be more open and joyful…much love.


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