Earthflower Spirituality

Beauty of Consciousness🌸


Derives from within ones form,

This is ones own Colorful Soul.

A Soul is the Embodiment of Love,

Love goes Beyond Forms,

As it is the Essence of who we are.

It is what we are born as,

Infinite and Eternal.

The Form is only a temporarily creation of Consciousness.

The Soul which is the Energy of Pure Love, is our Eternal Existence. 

When one gets in touch with its Magnetic Love from inside, one transcends Ego Mind into Pure Presence.

Pure Presence, which is Pure Soul, which is also, Pure Consciousness.

As the Energy of Pure Love, consists of Peace, Courage, Faith, Trust, Freedom, Sharing, Light, Grace, Understanding, Loyalty, Strength, Appreciation, Wisdom, Oneness, Compassion and Forgiveness, this is what one now fully is.

All else which derives from the Ego Mind, one has Transformed into Pure Consciousness.

This is True Beauty,

A Beauty of Light,

A Beauty of Grace,

A Beauty of Spirit,

A Beauty of Truth,

A Beauty of Consciousness.

One Shines Bright, 

As Light✨


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