Earthflower Poetry


I fell in Love,

With a Fantasy.

As a Form cannot be Loved,

Only a Soul can be Loved.

A Form is only a Fiction of my Imagination.

I had to Burn down the Illusion.

Lots of Imaginary Tears came with.

As, I was angry, at my past identity.

As, my childhood Fairytale Stories, took over me.

It was Sleeping Beauty,

Waiting for its Prince to arrive, the days turned into years.

Within a deep Void, I stepped into Oblivion.

Now, only Stillness remains.

My Dream, I transcended into Awaken.

I was Kissed, from the Inside out.

My Heart Blossomed,

As I was Awaken by my Beloved.

Suddenly, I saw that the Eyes, staring right at me, also Vanished.

I remembered, that only One Eye, is looking at the Fantasy.

It was I, as the Awareness.

All is a Masterplan, all is Imagined, as a Dream.

I am Silence, itself.




The Awaken Eye can only See.

As, The Absolute Self.


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