Earthflower Spirituality

The Love of the Self💚

Do Not give anyone your Power ! 

If Someone rejects, abandons, gossips, is skeptical, or is fake to you, it is because they reject themselves, as so others, if they abandon you, it is for there own egoic needs.

As whatever they gossip, is a projection of themselves, it is something that they feel from within, and project it on to you, also it is the ego mind forming skeptical questions about themselves, as so they project these onto you.

At last, it is the egoic masks that they often wear, that makes them seem fake, all of which that derives, from the ego mind and their habits of identifying with it.

All of these becomes a temporarily illusionary condition, projected onto others.

But, Do not take anything personally, as, if one does not accept oneself, one cannot accept others.

Also, what life has taught me, not everyone is going to like you, and this is also fine !

As the Only True Like, derives from within, one has to first truly Accept oneself, to be able to Accept others, as they are, as so, as Within as Without.

So meaning all past life experiences, the actions as reactions, to be able to see, that all is a natural unfolding, a life lesson and an expression of Consciousness, itself, for ones Inner Awakening into Truth.

As so, one is not hard at all on oneself, rather, one cherish all the moments, that life has given one, as all is destined by God.

One is not at all a victim of life’s circumstances, instead, one accepts life as it is, as one is a Hero of ones own unfolded movie, by and as Consciousness.

As Acceptance is Love.

A Hero is filled with Endless Love.

It Lives as Faith, Trust, Courage, Oneness, Peace, Grace, Understanding, Light, Forgiveness, Compassion, Strenght and Freedom.

It is Consciousness, as Love.

When one discovers this Truth, one does not care at all, what other people think !

All the people that rejected, abandoned, gossiped, were skeptical, or was fake to you.

One sees as a Mirror,

One is Grateful for Everything,

Because of these Inner Triggers of Duality,

One dwells deeper into the Absolute Truth,

Into Silence,

Which is the Only Consistent Love,

The Love of the Self,

The Space of Pure Emptiness💚


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