Earthflower Spirituality

A Leader of Consciousness✨

A True Leader creates more Leaders, Not Followers.

Yet, to Lead others, this Being must first transcend the negative and the dualistic thoughts of the egoic mind.

To be able to move only from Heart, as to Awaken into the Truth of the Self.

Now, the Masculine energy has been mostly dominating, within the leadership roles on Earth, because for centuries, mankind has taken the Feminine energy for granted.

As, even God is seen as a Masculine role, however this is not true at all, as the Energy of God, is neither Masculine nor Feminine, it is rather Absolute, which is Beyond gender as roles.

The Highest Supreme, has no gender of itself, as in Truth, it is the Formless, as the Stillness temporarily expressed, as the Consciousness Movements as forms on Earth.

Also, the Yin and Yang energies, which are the Femininity as the Masculinity energies, are created solely on Earth by Consciousness, which forms one of the basis of the experiences, in this temporarily duality Play called Maya. 

One can be a temporarily form as men or women, in our incarnated lives on Earth, yet the Eternal Soul which resides within, is the only Consistent Truth.

Now, the fiery Masculine energy that is dominating Earth, creates a “Misbalance”, one can say, in contrast to the gentle Feminine energy on Earth.

This is why many host bodies on Earth, from men as women, are dominated by Ego, as the Ego itself, is a Masculine energy.

This creates Leaders of Duality, which are in, competition, hate, greed, hierarchy, wars and so on, what one is noticing, now-a-days more on Earth.

In this New Age of Awakening, Consciousness is shifting the Vibrations on Earth, from a dominant fiery, competitive, Masculine Energy, to a balanced dance with the sensitive, intuitive, as gentle Feminine Energy.

This is the Awakening of the energy, of The MahaShakti, which is the Goddess within us all, and not only within the forms of women, but also within those of men.

As on Earth, ones Spirit consists of the Yin as Yang energies, the Feminine as Masculine, in order to Transform into the Pure Self.

Making one into a Leader of Consciousness, which is a Leader of Love, Light, Peace and Oneness.


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