Earthflower Spirituality

I am Forever Free✨

Trust starts in God.

Knowing it is your Savior, Provider as Protector.

It is your Cosmic, Father as Mother.

It is all that makes Life. 

This Year has been my Biggest Teaching.

I was Tested by God itself.

As the Majority became skeptical, 

Is she really True to her Consciousness Words ?

Or is she Fake ?

Is she really Awaken into Truth or is she Crazy ? 

This was the year of ultimate rejection,

Yet, it has brought me Eternal Freedom !

As All of Life has their rights, to doubt or reject you, as within a Lifetime, not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.

However, only you have the Power to put yourself down, and No One Else !

So, I choose to keep my Faith as Trust in God.

As one can be walking within the wilderness of life, yet with God holding ones hands as residing in ones Heart, one remains Free.

Free of judgements, doubts as fears.

Free from all ego mind activities, that would keep one bound, of oneself as of others.

As God is Love.

As Only Love is Real, and by Living within its Truth, one is always Loved, by God itself.

Which is the Ultimate, and Most Purest Love.



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