Earthflower Poetry

Consciousness is Universal🌿

An Expression of Art,

Expressed through Consciousness,

Because of its great love towards Consciousness.

Its expression is Bold, Unique, and always Fresh.

Consciousness is Universal,

It Embraces all Beings as One,

As it Reaches far Across the Universe.

It does not Compare neither Discriminate.

It Welcomes all as Love,

Because all is Love.

Consciousness is One Consistent Truth,

This Wisdom resides in All Souls.

It Covers the illusionary layers,

Of Ignorance and Arrogance.

It Opens up,

The Vastness of Light,

That is Able to Fully Expand,

From Within You.

It Awakens One,

Into Pure Awareness.

The One,

That is Observing,

Life fully Detached.

Here I AM,

Always Content. 


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