Earthflower Spirituality

We are the Purity temporarily portrayed as Impure💛 

Wake up Each Day, 

With Gratitude in ones Heart.

Even if the world seems troubled, 
Be Thankful.

As your Eyes are Open, 

You are Alive.

It starts with Us.

It is ones own responsibility, to create this Peace for oneself, as for others.

As this world is so focused on violence.
This violence starts within ones own mind.

Talking bad to oneself.

Treating yourself poorly.

By using negative quotations, about your journey and on to the world.

This vibration will be ones space.

A damped, limited and closed one.

This is Violence you see ?

The treatment that is given by yourself, to your own self.

This is a Selfish person, one that thinks only about itself.

This is what is happening worldwide.

People are arrogant, ignorant and selfish, very personal, in a separated state of mind.

The I only think, and care about me.

This is today’s world.

A duality world.

The you are different, than me.

Even the ones who you think you should trust, cannot be trusted, as even those people are in a state of complete Ignorance.

Meaning not knowing, that they are truly Consciousness, expressing a temporarily human life.

Because if one only believes, that one is person, one creates an Ignorant personality, one that limits itself from the Truth of Life.

That we are beyond mind and body, and the shallowness of this world.

We are Spirit Beings experiencing a temporary Earthly life.

Mankind believes, it is more powerful than God who created itself.

This is Delusional.

How can you be more Powerful, than the one who Created you and Gifted you with its Powers ?

So most are disconnected, from the Divine Creator of all, not in sync with its flow.

Focused on Ego thoughts, which creates more violence within as without.

Disconnected from nature, where purity, grace, and wisdom lies.

Again focused on the materialistic, which creates a violence society, that destroys all of nature, as animals, as their own humans.

This is Earth.

All should WAKE UP, and realize the Truth, of who one is.

Which is the Purity, that is only temporary portrayed, as Impure.

As, We are One.

Wake Up and Live.


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