Earthflower Spirituality

The Movement of Consciousness­čĺŤ

If Someone, is not Respecting your Space,one has the ability, to cut this person out of ones life.

Do not stay, within any type of relationship out of attachments, guilt, obligations nor expectations.

As this relationship, is build on a foundation of a person’s very close minded perspective.

Because a person, interacts as acts, only as the Ego mind says.

Person means a persona, which creates a personality.

This personality is formed out of ones past experiences, habits, as conditions.

These are set by our experiences, the environment, culture, society and our upbringing. 

This persona tends, to to go into its own set of hidden agenda’s, derived from the Ego Mind.

It asks, what I can get out of this person, these are, the expectations.

It also asks, what the past experiences were, that makes me have to do this for this person, and these are, the obligations or guilt.

Whenever, one acts out of these intentions, ones actions are based out of a limited projected identity.

By doing this, one is acting as the Ego Mind wishes, and not as the Heart wishes, as these set of intentions, will never go well.

As the seeds planted, are short lived, and it has no longevity, in contrary, to the pure intentions set by heart.

For Example, if one acts as reacts solely, within accordance to ones hearts desires, which is free of attachments, expectations, obligations and guilt.

One is moving, within the Natural Flow and Synchronicity of the unfolding, of the Cosmos.

This is Free of Hinderance, which is the Natural Flow of Life.

In this Space, one is flowing as Consciousness, itself.

As a Free Spirit, and not within the Egoic Mind intentions, yet through the Heart, which are ones Purest and Everlasting Intentions.

As so, ones is Free of the Ego Mind Molestations, and one Acts as Reacts, 

As, The Movement of Consciousness. 


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