Earthflower Spirituality



One has to Discover itself, in order to See the Oneness in All.

If not, one is living in a Separate State of Mind.

A mind that tends to judge and criticize a lot. 

It judges and criticizes oneself,

The past actions, reactions, as even ones own wardrobe.

Was I or Am I, looking good, professional, cool, or sexy, enough, or do I need to look less of these ?

Are others able to fully Accept me this way ?

It asks, do I have to look a certain way, in order to be fully Accepted ?

All these Shallow Actions, which Creates Too Much of a False Sense of an Identity, and a Lesser Truth of a Free Spirit.

Now, when it is done judging oneself, in order to entrap you, it will project these as well, onto others.

Is he or she behaving in a way or dressed in a way that society or the spiritual community expects ?

If not he or she is not accepted by the mind.

This creates a temporarily Sense of Separation.

As Mind is possessed by the Ego, and this is throughout ones entire life, as even lives before.

So, if one has not yet discovered, that one is not the Egoic Mind, in a lifetime, it will haunt one for lifetimes to come.

This is until, ones Soul is Ripe and Open enough, to Discover this truth and to Merge the Mind fully into the Heart, yet, this Inner Transcendence is for all of mankind.

But until then, This Mr. Ego will surely create any sense of Duality, as Within as Without ones Space.

As for The Ones who have Discovered the Truth of the Self,

It Acts, Reacts as Dresses in Accordance to the Synchronicity and Divine Flow of that moment, Open and Freely and Not within the Expectations of any Egoic Mind.

It has Discovered that Consciousness, is the Consistent and True One in All, as the Ego Mind is an illusion.

Even, if an Awakened One, Might not be Understood, it Understands All.

It has No Personal Sense of Grudges, Revenge, Hatred, Obligation, Guilt, Expectations, Entitlement Nor Separation. 

It Lives On, As Life itself.

As it is the Only One,

The One Self in All.

I & I,

We Are One. 


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