Earthflower Spirituality

The Destined Path🙏🏻

Always follow ones intuition, your own gut feeling, as it knows the way.

Even if one does not know, the end results fully yet, know that the path one, is walking, is ones Destined Path.

Because, one is Walking it.

Mind says, which way is the best, right or left ?

How will left turn out, how will right turn out ?

A bunch of assumptions, all that could possibly be right, but never fully so.

Only the Unfolding of Life itself, will show one how it will really turn out,

As which Lessons, Transformation and Growth it has brought one.

Life itself is very Unpredictable, and it is only God that knows what is the best unfolding, in ones Path in Life.

It Reveals, why all had to happen, the way it needed to go, throughout ones lifetime, this is, when one is capable to fully understand the meaning of the Experiences.

Acceptance Brings, Great Inner Peace,

Patience Transcends, Hearts Desires into Trust.

Heart Always knows Best, just Observe Life without Identification.

Do not get Lost in a Dream, yet, remain fully Aware, that it is a Divine Dream.

As you are the Awareness, itself. 


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