Earthflower Poetry

The Purest Love💚

To create a Mirror Story just for mere Fame, is Such Laughter.

To Fall deeply in Love with the Beloved itself, the Creator of Everything, is Pure Bliss.

To Fall in Love with All of Life as My Own Consciousness Self, as One, is Enchanted Freedom.

To Fall into a Complete State of Oblivion, is Pure Nothingness.

Meaning fully detached from Life’s experiences, as the Awareness itself.

As I was also dancing with the Plant Medicine Marihuana, and I am not Psychotic, yet, in an Awakening of Truth, combined with Grace’s Wisdom, as through Plant Medicine.

This is called Self Inquiry, which I combined back then with Marihuana, it is not necessarily needed.

Yet, for a Truth Seeker at that time, as an Awaken One right now, I have Disovered that attachments comes from an identified mind, non of which is the True Self.

I am Free of Attachments, Free from Identity.

I just flow as Consciousness, I am Free.
This gave me a Higher Respect for this Plant Medicine.

The Power Medicinal Usages of the Plant has nothing to do, with its bad reputation, that are created, for governmental purposes on Earth.

Now, to Be a Mirror to All, that reads my writings, as for the One who ran Away,
Pure Goddess in Action, as an Expression of God itself.

The Unrequited Love, a Love that makes one weep, as one Transcends into Complete Nothingness, as for a Truth Seeker, this a moment for Transcendence.

As it Transforms the Egoic Expectations of Mind, into Not Having Any Desires at All which comes from an unstable mind, as it Merges the Haunted Thoughts of the Egoic Mind, into the Loving Heart.

This is the Dance of Grace, it Chooses the form that is Ripe and Open enough, the Soul which knows, that this is its opportune moment to Surrender Fully, into the Heart of the Beloved.

As it Sees All as its Mirrors, the Enemies,Friends, Families, Strangers, as Animals, it sees beyond the temporarily illusionary forms, identities as time.

Because within, Each Eyes Lies the One Eye of the Beloved, The True Self.

The Eye that takes you Home,

Into the Heart of the Divine,

Into the Belly of Grace,

Into Stillness,

Into Nothingness,

Into Timelessness, 

Into Pure Awareness.

This is the Purest Love, 

As it Transcends One,

Into, The Absolute Self,


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