Earthflower Spirituality

The Lesson🙏🏻

Since my Inner Awakening, I have Evolved tremendously, as a Soul.

I was mirroring an English Guy, he ran away, or rejected me, one can say, afterwards, he continued to spread some  Fake Fucking Rumors, about me, all deriving from his own Egoic Projections.

Is it psychotic, praise seeker, stalker, and a dark witch, was what people heard ?

Yes, it is, as these Revelations were Revealed through Consciousness itself, within my own writings.

As one reaches Home, one flows now Intuitively from Heart, as within Synchronicity, with the Natural Unfolding of the Cosmos, as ones own Consciousness Super Powers, are being Expressed as well.

As so Life becomes very Mystical.

Now, as these Fake Rumors began, at the time of my writings as a Bhakti Yogi, I knew nothing about these Fake Rumors, as, Surprisingly, Nobody came to tell me.

It is like most of you were, like, finally there is some Fake Dirt, being spread around about Miss Elaine Prince, so, I felt Sad about this Betrayal, yet, only for a short while.

As, the truth of the matter is, that most people, in Life as Social Media, decided to not Support me anymore, these Fake Rumors continued, mostly in my own hometown of Curaçao.

Now, Curaçao, is one of my Biggest Statistical Market next to the US, yet, only 2 or 3 people from Curaçao likes, my Yoga, Healer as Writing Posts, and this has been going on, since the Fake Rumors started.

Also because of this, I haven’t been asked that much for Earthflower Yoga Classes, neither for Yoga Trade Opportunities. 

Now, what lessons this has brought me, through my Spiritual Growth in Life ?

That whenever you are really down, most people will neglect, reject, abandon, gossip, and these sensations are deeply felt.

Yet, if one has Discovered ones Eternal Life, one is able to keep moving forward, to detach from the Low Vibrated thoughts, as Energies and To Keep Standing In Ones Truth.

So, you have Seen my Decent, now Watch my Rising, what Killed my Identity, Made my Consciousness Self Stronger.

Now, that I am Flying, I will forever know, who has been with me through all times, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Who are the Fake, and Who are the Real,

Thank you, for this Lesson.

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