Earthflower Spirituality

Love Destroys all Darkness💚


Not because a person betrays you, means you are betrayed.

Not because a person lies to you, means you are lied at.

Not because a person does not support you, means you are unsupported.

Not because a person hates you, means you are hated.

Not because a person rejects you, means you are rejected.

Not because a person distrust you, means you are not to be trusted.

Not because a person abandons you, means you are abandoned.

Not because a person spread rumors about you, means these rumors are true.

Not because you feel lonely, means you are alone.

Because this is what the Ego Mind does,it wants you to feel, that you are Not Worthy.

Yet, all actions as reactions that are limited as malice, derives from an Identified person, an Egoic Mind.

These are all Temporarily Mindset illusions.

Now, The Ego Mind wants to Play, 

It wants you to Seek Revenge,

It wants you to Betray Back,

It wants you to also create Lies,

It wants you to feel Weak,

It wants you to Report others,

It wants you to be in Complete State of Separation and Delusions

This is ones own Wilderness.

It is like you are being Tested, for ones own Awakening.

Are you Really Enlightened ?

Are you Really Living within Oneness ?

Are you Really Flowing from Heart ?

Are you Able to Remain Detached ?

Consciousness which is you, is testing itself.

It is Standing in its Truth, The Conscious Truth, that is.

To Demolish the Egoic Projections of yourself as others that is trying to take you as others over.

Now, the Liberated Souls, who stay with the Heart, are Able to Remain in Stillness.

Stillness does not mean, ones form is Still, even if actions as reactions are needed, through Stillness one is flowing from Heart.

Heart is Truth, and not living in Lies of the Ego Mind.

It Exposes as Reveals the Truths as Untruths, in ways that is in the Natural Flow of the Cosmos.

Not of a Person’s Ego Mind that judges all as good or bad, high or low, yet all is being Revealed as Exposed, as and through Consciousness itself, that which Just Is.

As so one will be Redeemed by God.

So Why Bother playing Evil,

As Love Destroys all Darkness.

Remain as the Self.

I AM. 


2 thoughts on “Love Destroys all Darkness💚

  1. The beautiful thing is that all these plays ot the opposite are part of the divine design…prefectly orchestrated by the divine intelligence of universes …so let’s just chill out and resist nothing and attached to nothing.. be free has the energy that flows throughout the universe, for we are that…


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