Earthflower Spirituality

Judgement vs. Discernment🙏🏻

It is so Enlightening, to Witness ones reactions, as of others, when one is being drastically tested in Life.

If one is already Awaken into Truth, one is able to Clearly Discern what is coming from an Egoic Mind or what flows from Heart.

Yet, one always finds Judgers, the ones who will judge the words you use, the way you acted, the way you dress, your whole lifestyle in general.

These People, they do not Discern, they Judge.

Judgement has to do with Comparison, yet Discerning has to with ones own Enlightenment.

It is the Egoic mind that compares ones actions or reactions, with those of others.

As it wants one to feel separated from the other humans, or country. 

Yet, Discernment comes from Heart itself, this has to do with the Practice of Self Inquiry.

As one is looking at a mirror, one can say, at ones own Self Reflection.

Here, one is Observing Life fully Detached, as so, one is seeing, if the thoughts as actions that passes through ones space, comes from the Egoic Mind or the Heart.

For example, one can ask, well, why would Consciousness say, I don’t give a Fuck or Bullshit or Expose someone out ?

Because for the Egoic mind, a word like Fuck or Bullshit or telling ones untruth is a Bad thing.

As all that Ego mind concludes is good or bad, high or low, this is the way it Judges life.

Yet, for a Liberated Being, releasing of anger or any other emotion is just a temporarily release.

This Being is not attached to the circumstance, the people, nor the action, or words being used.

It just Expresses itself within the now, as the flow, that needed to be Expressed.

It has no sense of entitlement, it flows spontaneously and responsibly within the synchronicity of Life’s Unfolding’s, this Beings flows through Consciousness itself.

So, To Discover ones Truth, does not mean one needs to become a Nun or to flow in accordance to ones Ego Minded limitations and expectations, or of others.

To Discover Truth, means, one is Free from all Earthly Judgements as Expectations, that bounds one.

One Knows, 

That all is Destined,

That I am Life as beyond Life, 

That I am an Expression of the Creator, 

That I am Love,

That my Life is Eternal,

That we are all One, 

I AM. 


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