Earthflower Spirituality

We are Destined to be a Magician✨

There is Space for Everyone’s Dreams to be Accomplished,

As we are Destined to be a Magician.

Sharing ones Magic, is a Gift for all Beings,

As we are all here to share our own gifts.

It is only the mind that will say,

Do no tell others about your Gifted Capabilities, as “they will either mock you, fear you or make you doubt” Of course, some will mock, fear as doubt you.

Yet, only the ones sitting within their own “little imaginary prisons”, will feel the pressure to do this, as they are still not really doing, what their hearts desires.

However, the ones who have followed their own Hearts Desires, will tell you, to absolutely go and follow yours.

As, we are all Destined to Bloom, we are the Flowers in walking Motion.

As, one discovers that I am Able as Capable, to create my very own Magical Wonders.

One is Able to Conquer All.

So, be Open to your Hearts Longings,

Say, Yes to Life, and, never fear your Hearts Wishes.

Enter the Rabbit Hole of Enchantment, plant a seed, transform into a Flower,
To be Able to, Bloom like the Flower, that you are. 

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