Earthflower Poetry

Lively Up Yourself💚

Within a Blurred Mind,

My Eyes became Blurry.

I could not See my Truth,

I was Living,

As a Disguised Persona.

Mostly created,

By my Upbringing as Society.

I forgot about the Days,

Of just Being, 

The Days of Creating Sand Castles.

The Days of Running, 

Wild and Freely.

The Days of Living Life,

Without Any Stress.

We were Flying Kites, 

We were Building Rocket Ships,

We were Playing in the Rain.

What Life gave Us,

We Joyfully Accepted.

Now, I am here,

Rebuilding my own Castle,

This Time around,

Using Bricks, instead of Sand.

My Mind has been Cleansed,

My Eyes has been Wiped Clean,

My Soul has come Alive.

I am Seeing All,

So Perfectly Clearly. 

We are The Magicians, 

As The Builders, 

Of an Enchanting Song, 

Called Life.

These are, 

The Very Good Old Days,

Yes Sure,

One Day, they will be Old,

Yet, within this Now,

They are,

So Fresh and So Clean,

We are the Awaken,

Creating our own Magical Play,

Lively Up Yourself✨


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