Earthflower Spirituality


When one is Walking, the Path of the Heart, one is Transforming.

As for me, this has been, the Most Dynamic Years of my Life.

I have Transformed into Light.

Meaning I Transcended the Limited Mindset, that I previously had.

As I was living within a Duality State of Mind, I did not know, that We Are All One.

One Beam of Consciousness, Expressed within Endless Forms.

It is within my very own Direct Experience, through Consciousness, is when I Discovered, my True Nature.

I did not plan for this to happen, to be fully Awaken into Truth, as I did not know what it was, until I fully experienced this.

What is known as, Sat Chit Ananda.

As I Discovered Truth, I was guided by Consciousness to write about this Truth.

As I see myself as an Expression of Consciousness, I Surrendered fully into Grace.

But as my Master Moojiji says, the test’s will come, as One steps into “the wilderness” of this Maya.

A test, that Consciousness itself creates, in order to see, if One is truly Awaken, and whereas transformation still needs to come.

Because if One writes or Calls oneself a Lightworker, a Chosen One, a Liberated Being or Awaken, Consciousness will surely test your Power in Presence.

If One is, Walking the Talk.

As for me, I have been Tested Majorly, during my Revelation of the True Self,

Fake Rumors has been spread about me, to the Lightworker Communities on Social Media.

Enlightened Planet Solutions,

Enlightend Planet,

Galactic Federations of Light,

Lightworkers of the World, and

Galactic Free Press,

Just to name a few, were some of the groups that heard, as continued to spread the Fake Rumors about me, as to Block all my Lightworking Writings as Poems.

These are some of the Biggest Lightworkers Social Media groups, I was once a member on.

Yet, Not One single Lightworker wrote me, to tell me this.

When I heard this 6 months after, I was Shocked ! 

I felt, well, aren’t these humans, Lightworkers, Enlightened or Awaken, at all ?

As an Awaken Being would Never Listen nor Spread Fake Rumors about another ! 

As I am an Awaken One, so I know this, as I Live this.

As, so I removed myself from these Lightworker groups. 

But, it was the Words of my Master Moojiji that kept me going,

He Says, Even if the whole world says, 

We don’t want you on our planet,


As, So, I Am Eternally Free.

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